Elise Hoyer

Elise Hoyer



  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences
  • Majoring in Clinical Exercise Physiologist (Honours Class 1)
  • ESSA Accreditation and Membership since 2015
  • Clinical Pilates Equipment Levels 1 & 2
  • Clinical Pilates Mat Work Levels 1
  • Certificate in Diabetes Education & Management (ADEA)

Elise graduated her Bachelor degree from the University of Queensland in 2014. Since graduating, Elise has worked full time for two years in Toowoomba with aged care and disability services. She has gained extensive experience in neurological rehabilitation (with a particular interest in Parkinson’s disease), musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and metabolic populations. Her interest in diabetes encouraged her to study a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management at Southern Cross University due for completion at the end of 2016.

Elise is now a Credentialed Diabetes Educator, through ADEA, after graduating from her Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management in 2016. She had to complete 6 months of mentoring and clinical practice prior to her credentialing qualifications. Diabetes Educators, like Elise, aim to provide excellence in her practice by promoting effective research findings, establishing evidence based standards for diabetes education and care, facilitating planned and systematic education programs and advocating for equitable access for all individuals affected by diabetes to best practice diabetes education and care services. She now offers private and Medicare subsidised diabetes education services offered to all individuals diagnosed with diabetes (Pre-Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2) or at risk of diabetes. These services may include, but aren’t limited to, information and support in regards to their individual condition, National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) registration, advice for nutrition and physical activity habits, safe monitoring, advice on various device usage for self-management (e.g. blood glucose monitoring, continuous glucose management and pump services) and medication advice/demonstration for use. Diabetes Education sessions with Elise will ensure an individually tailored program for effective management of diabetes and encouragement for positive lifestyle choices for long term health. 

Elise has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys tennis, swimming and playing club touch football. Also with a background in dancing, Elise was excited to pursue her Clinical Pilates Equipment training.

Elise loves seeing clients reach their goals through personalised, evidence-based exercise rehabilitation programs. She truly believes that an excellent client-practitioner relationship assists with successful long-term outcomes.