Clinical Pilates

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10th Class Free
All sessions run for 60min and are by appointment only. New beginners must attend an initial Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiologist consultation prior to commencing any classes to ensure the best fit for your injury management program. Please contact Physiotherapy Links for the cost of our pilates sessions.

It is recommended that you wear light, comfortable exercise clothing that enables you to move freely.  Please also remember your own towel if required and a water bottle to use during your session.  Footwear is not to be worn in the studio, however in the interest of hygiene clean socks must be work.  Grip Sox can be purchased from Physiotherapy Links reception if required.

We offer a range of different pilates classes from reformer and various level equipment pilates.

These classes are catered from beginners through to advanced levels. Reformer pilates is suitable for all levels of fitness and the machines can be adjusted accordingly to suit your needs. Reformer pilates classes are limited to 5 persons per class and you will be using Stott Pilates Reformers with additional vertical frames.
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All our classes are run by University trained Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists giving you the latest evidence based pilates exercise prescription and guidance.

These classes will help improve stability, strength, flexibility, agility, balance and general fitness.

Our classes will to provide our patients with the opportunity to achieve the best clinical and health outcomes.

#1 – All patients will have individualised programs that will be designed to manage your specific injury or assessment findings.

This will mean your exercises will be focussed to your specific needs and will comply with the requirements of Private Health Fund Insurance providers.

For our current patients your Pilates therapist will design your program for you. During classes our therapists will be able to progress your exercises, correct your technique and adjust the load and difficulty of your program.

#2 – We no longer have levels for classes.

This means that you can choose any of our class times to attend.

#3 – We want to see that your Pilates program is changing your assessment findings.

Your therapist will at times do some quick reassessments during your class but we will also be requiring patients to have a bulk billed reassessment every 12 weeks. This will enable us to see the effectiveness of your program and modify your program as needed.

We welcome feedback and if you have any questions about our changes please ask one of our staff members.

 NEW Timetable effective from the 13/08/18

CLINICAL PILATES, HYDROTHERAPY & ACTIVE 4LIFE CLASSES (download the latest class timetable above)