We are pleased to announce that we are making some exciting changes to our Clinical Pilates services that will commence on Monday 6th November 2017.

This new change will to provide our patients with the opportunity to achieve the best clinical and health outcomes.

#1 – The first change is that all patients will have individualised programs that will be designed to manage your specific injury or assessment findings.

This will mean your exercises will be focussed to your specific needs and will comply with the requirements of Private Health Fund Insurance providers.

For our current patients your Pilates therapist will design your program for you. During classes our therapists will be able to progress your exercises, correct your technique and adjust the load and difficulty of your program.

#2 – The second major change is that we will no longer have levels for classes.

This means that you can choose any of our class times to attend.

#3 – The third major change is that we want to see that your Pilates program is changing your assessment findings.

Your therapist will at times do some quick reassessments during your class but we will also be requiring patients to have a bulk billed reassessment every 12 weeks. This will enable us to see the effectiveness of your program and modify your program as needed.

We welcome feedback and if you have any questions about our changes please ask one of our staff members.


Pilates Helensvale