evidence based practice

Evidence Based Practice

At Physiotherapy Links we implement the latest physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation programmes based on the latest research findings.  Evidence based practice refers to the use of research and scientific studies as a base for determining the best treatment for an appropriate condition.Our physiotherapists endeavor to remain up to date with the latest research in physiotherapy, sports medicine and exercise physiology to provide the highest quality treatment for our patients.


Our physiotherapists regularly review journal articles, attend professional development courses, are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia and participate weekly in clinical education.

Physiotherapy Links is the only QIP (Quality in Practice) accredited practice in the Northern Gold Coast region and with only a select few Physiotherapists on the Gold Coast with this accreditation you can be assured of patient satisfaction.

At Physiotherapy Links we have the latest technology including  the Enraf Nonius EMG biofeedback and electromusclular stimulator. See video below of this latest EMG technology in clinical use.


EMG biofeedback and muscular stimulation Video