Lower cross syndrome happens when you have weak Gluteals and Transverse abdominals “core” and high tone in Hip flexors and Thoraco-lumbar extensors such as the Multifidis, Erector Spinae and Illiocostallis. This will usually give you pain with extension of the lumbar spine and is often seen in dancers, ballerinas and in the general public. The world we live in seems that we are very sedentary as such we are sitting in chairs for most of the day. This will cause tight and weak hip flexors, lazy glutes and poor activation through the abdominal and lumbar stabilisers. We do however see this Lower cross syndrome in body builders and Ballerinas due to over use and strength in certain muscles but not in others causing imbalances.

All the tight and weak muscles cause your natural pelvic position to be tilted forward and loads the extension joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons in the lower lumbar spine. More often than not we find the facet joints get irritable and painful. Hands on symptomatic relief may help but the important aspect to have a look at is where and how to strengthen specific muscles to deload the posterior tissues and rotate the pelvis backward slightly to get back into a neutral position.

Whilst this a clinical commentary it would not hold true to every single case as such it is important to contact one of our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists for specific treatment and exercises.