Kokoda Challenge – 16th & 17th of July 2016

Date posted: 03-07-2016

Kokoda Youth Foundation is a registered charity founded by Vietnam veteran Doug Henderson OAM. Doug was inspired to start the Foundation in July 2004. Doug is truly an amazing person and inspiration! The team at Physiotherapy Links will be at the race on the 17th of July to assist with much needed Physio & Exercise  More

FREE Pilates Classes* – VALID UNTIL 31/07/16

Date posted: 03-07-2016

Free Clinical Pilates Class with an Initial Pilates Assessment – for new Patients to Physiotherapy Links! Offer Valid until the 31/07/16.  

March 2016 Sale – MetPro & MetFlex

Date posted: 28-03-2016

The MetPro and MetFlex are professional grade therapy packs that provides soothing relief to painful areas. Can be heated or frozen. Made of soft and flexible elastic gel that keeps it shape. Features: Reusable hot & cold pack Made of non-toxic gel Soft & flexible elastic gel Soothing relief to painful areas Research has shown  More

Does your child suffer from back pain?

Date posted: 28-03-2016

Don’t let back to school be a pain in the back! It is that time of year when children are returning to school with new bags loaded with heavy text books, ever from young age.   It has been estimated up to 70 percent of school children may suffer from back pain from school bags over  More

Pilates Move of the Month – Standing Abduction

Date posted: 28-03-2016

STANDING ABDUCTION (One of our favourites!) Principles of this exercise? Standing Abduction works on the classic principles of alignment, co-ordination, breathing and flow but also engages your gluteus medius muscle while activating your transverse abdominis (core) to maintain a neutral spine. What are the benefits of this exercise? This particular exercise is great for patients  More

Shock Wave Therapy – NEW SERVICE

Date posted: 05-07-2015

What is Extracorpeal Shock Wave Therapy? Shockwave therapy is a new technology using shockwaves to treat chronic painful musculoskeletal injuries. A shockwave is a very intense but short energy wave that travels faster than the speed of sound and extracorpeal refers to the transmission of the shockwave from outside the body. Shockwave therapy was originally  More

Athlete Insight – Antonia Hurd

Date posted: 18-06-2015

Interview with Antonia Rose Hurd How old are you? 13 What sport do you do? Swimming Which events do you compete? 400m Individual Medley (IM), 200m IM and 200m Backstroke What is your training schedule like? Usually 8-9 sessions per week of swimming (water and land based training) and 1 session per week of pilates  More

Pilates Exercise of the Month

Date posted: 18-06-2015

PILATES EXERCISE OF THE MONTH: PELVIC ROLL UP & PELVIC PRESS What are the principles of this exercise? This exercise incorporates the principles of alignment, centring, co-ordination, breathing and learning to articulate the spine, vertebra by vertebra. What are the benefits of this exercise? The goals from using this exercise include gluteal strengthening, core strengthening,  More

K-TAPE – 40% off for the month of June

Date posted: 31-05-2015

K-tape or kinesiology tape is an elastic tape used for preventing and treating common musculoskeletal injuries. It is made up of 100% cotton sheathes in a mesh weave allowing for 140% elasticity in the length of the tape and none in the width. Depending on how it is applied, K-Tape supports, enables, or restricts soft  More

Headaches – How can Physiotherapy Links help you?

Date posted: 31-05-2015

Headaches can be caused by a number of different reasons due to pathology of the head and neck. Headaches are grouped into these main areas; Migraine – These can occur with or without an aura preceding symptoms.   They primarily occur due to poor processing of sensory information in the brain which causes an overreaction to  More

High Performance Fast Bowling Program – 2015

Date posted: 29-04-2015

We are pleased to announce that Physiotherapy Links has increased the sponsorship towards TSS Cricket by offering 4 TSS Fast Bowlers the opportunity to participate in the 3rd High Performance Fast Bowling Program. The program will include a new Musculoskeletal screening assessment as used by Cricket Australia, fast bowling video analysis session and 12 weeks  More

House Rules – 2015

Date posted: 28-01-2015

CLINCIAL PILATES NEW PILATES CLASS PRICES EFFECTIVE 09/02/15   SAME DAY CLASS PAYMENT                       $40 PREPAID X 5 CLASS PASS                            $150 ($30 per class) PREPAID X 10 CLASS PASS                          $270 ($30 per class, 1 FREE) PREPAID X 20 CLASS PASS                          $480 ($30 per class, 4 FREE) SAME DAY CANCELLATION                          More

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